Jeff Zwiers

Jeff Zwiers is a senior researcher at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. He

has taught bilingually in secondary and elementary settings. His research and work

focus on collaborating and co-teaching with teachers to learn how to best serve all

students in classroom settings. His most recent work focuses on enhancing all

instruction with more and better authentic communication across the disciplines.

He also writes books and articles on literacy, thinking, communication, conversation,

and language development, along with bilingual curriculum materials for oral

language development in rural schools in Guatemala. 

Hamish Brewer

Hamish Brewer, the relentless, tattooed, skateboarding principal in Northern Virginia isn't your normal principal. Hamish is high octane, constantly calling on his students to "Be Relentless. Mr. Brewer has become known as an educational disrupter who transcends the status quo and typical educational norms.  Originally from New Zealand where he earned his first degree from the University of Auckland. Mr. Brewer is currently a doctoral student at Virginia Tech.

Mr. Brewer was recognized in 2017 as the NAESP Nationally Distinguished Principal and Virginia Principal of the year. He has also been recognized as the 2016 VAESP School Bell Award and ASCD Virginia Impact Award. In 2018 Hamish was named a Northern Virginian of the year by Northern Virginia Magazine and the 2018 Principal of the Year for the national publication - Education Dive and Prince William County Public Schools 2019 Principal of the Year.

Under his leadership - his elementary school was recognized as a Nationally Distinguished Title 1 School, and Hamish has since gone on to turn around one of the toughest middle schools in the state of Virginia.